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Walk This Way

There’s  no  doubt,  walking  is  good  for  your  health  and  is  one  of  the  simplest  way  to  stay  fit.  It requires  no   equipment  (except  for  shoes,  of  course),  takes  minimal  time,  and  you  can  do  it  indoors, Family Walking Togetheroutdoors  –    virtually   anywhere  –  even  if  you  travel  a  lot.  Studies  have  reported  that  even  short  10 minute  walks,  done  frequently   throughout  out  the  day  and  consistently  over  a  stretch  of  time,  can dramatically  reduce  blood  pressure  and   cholesterol  levels.  Walking  also  keeps  your  lungs  and  heart healthy and  weight  from  creeping  up.  In  fact,  you  may   even  lose  a  few  pounds  along  the  way!

Some  of  the  benefits  of  walking  include:

  • Clearing  your  mind  and  relieving  stress
  • Socializing
  • Boosting  your  metabolism
  • Helping  you  maintain  your  weight  or  even  lose  some
  • Connecting  with  nature

As  with  all  fitness,  there  are  many  gadgets  and  accessories  to  keep  you  going.  Pedometers  are  beneficial  to  help   keep  track  of  your  steps  and  mileage.  There  are  also  many  free  phone  applications  which  allow  you  to  find  new   paths  to  explore.  Some  people  find  that  signing  up  for  community  walks  and  races  motivate  them  to  achieve   walking  goals.

Wearing  the  proper  shoes  with  comfortable  socks  and  taking  a  water  bottle  will  make  your  walking  journey  more   pleasant.  It  is  also  important  to  incorporate  proper  walking  techniques  -­‐  posture,  arm  motion,  and  stride.  As  with   anything,  these  will  improve  with  practice.

Although  walking  is  a  fantastic  first  (or  last)  step  to  fitness,  it  may  not  be  ideal  for  everyone.  Foot  and  ankle   problems  may  prevent  you  from  participating  in  a  walking  program.  As  with  any  physical  activity  it  is  important  to   first  check  in  with  the Best Fremont Chiropractor at Discover Chiropractic before  heading  out  the  door.    Enjoy your walk!

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