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The Not So Sweet Of Sugar


Excess amounts of refined sugar lurks in many foods that we enjoy consuming. The American diet relies on sugar substances as instant energy sources, spiking blood sugar levels-leaving you craving more. Sugar and other process foods do not provide any nutritional substance and contribute to many diseases, including diabetes and obesity. So how do we break the cycle?

We  may  not  all  crave  it,  but  it’s  there…lurking  in  many  foods  that  we  enjoy  consuming.  Sure,  you’re   probably  aware  that  processed  foods  may  consist  of  unhealthy  ingredients,  but  did  you  realize  that  many  items,   such  as  marinades,  salad  dressings  and  tomato  sauce,  contain  sugar?

The  modern  American  diet  relies  on  sugar  for  instant  energy  by  spiking  blood  sugar  levels,  leaving  you  to  crave   more.  Refined,  white  sugar,  including  sucrose  and  high  fructose  corn  syrup,  does  not  contain  any  substantial   nutrients  and  contributes  to  diabetes,  obesity,  and  other  metabolic  diseases.  The  extra  calories  from  excess  sugar   consumption  will  get  stored  by  your  body  and  potentially  contribute  to  weight  gain.  Because  of  this,  experts  who   research  dietary  guidelines  recommend  that  no  more  than  10  percent  of  your  calories  come  from  added  sugar.  The   guidelines  are  published  every  5  years  as  for  the  American  public  and  reflect  the  current  dietary  trends  in  nutrition   science.

So  how  do  you  cut  back  on  sugar  intake?
Try  these  tips:

Leafy Greens and Healthy Foods* Add  protein  and  high-­‐fiber  foods,  such  as  leafy  greens  and  legumes  to  your  diet.  This  will  make  you  feel   “full”  and  deter  cravings.  

* Reduce  or  eliminate  sodas  and  sugary  drinks  by  replacing  them  with  water  or  herbal  teas.    

* Limit caffeine.  Caffeinated  drinks,  such  as  coffee  act  similarly  to  sugary  substances  by  providing  jolts  of   energy.  Although  studies  have  shown  some  benefits  to  drinking  coffee,  by  switching  to  decaffeinated  teas   instead  of  relying  on  coffee  for  “pick  me  ups”  is  better  for  stabilizing  blood  sugar  levels.    

Making  a  conscious  effort  to  limit  your  sugar  intake  and  maintain  naturally  stable  blood  sugars  will  allow  you  to   ward  off  potential  diseases  and  keep  unwanted  pounds  off.

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