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The Importance of Rest

woman-with-insomniaWhat  does  it  mean  to  rest?  In  a  season  where  activity  is  at  an  all  time  high,  it  seems  impossible  to  lay  low.    But  this   is  exactly  when  you  should  take  the  time  to  simmer  down,  because  when  you  don’t  get  enough  rest,  your  body  is   more  susceptible  to  illness.  Not  only  that,  but  the  added  stress  of  the  holidays  can  put  you  on  emotional  overdrive,   and  you  may  become  more  impatient  and  moody.  How  fun  could  that  be?  Sick  and  stressed  out.  Who  wants  that   for  the  holidays,  or  any  days,  for  that  matter.

So  the  prescription  is  relaxation  and  quality  rest.  Both  are  vital  to  good  health  and  increased  energy,  but   surprisingly,  very  little  of  us  get  enough  of  it.  And  here  lies  the  issue  –  Why?  What  is  more  important  than   providing  your  body  with  the  rest  it  needs  to  fulfill  the  activities  each  day  with  a  genuine  spark  of  enthusiasm.

Studies  suggest  that  advances  in  technology  are  a  large  contributing  factor  to  lack  of  rest  even  to  the  point  of   insomnia,  where  trying  to  sleep  becomes  an  added  stress.  Taking  your  tablet  to  bed  -­‐  Texting  at  night,   compulsively  checking  email  messages,  and  perusing  the  Internet,  will  keep  you  awake.  The  blue  screen  that  emits   from  electronic  devices  suppresses  your  body’s  ability  to  produce  enough  Melatonin,  a  hormone  that  controls   sleep/wake  cycles.  Some  people  take  Melatonin  supplements  before  going  to  bed  to  boost  their  levels  naturally,   but  they  can  lose  their  effectiveness  over  time.  Then,  there  are  various  prescriptions  for  sleeping  pills,  which  have   sky  rocketed  over  the  last  ten  years.  Used  properly,  sleeping  pills  could  be  a  valid  solution  to  short-­‐term  sleep   disturbances.  However,  the  relentless  cycle  of  leaning  on  pharmaceuticals  lingers  with  potentially  long-­‐term  and   irreversible  effects.  But  with  literally  millions  of  Americans  of  varying  ages  unable  to  get  a  good  night’s  sleep  at   night,  what  are  the  alternatives?  How  can  you  get  more  quality  rest?

Some  recommendations  are:

• Short  amounts  of  vigorous  exercise  during  the  day  is  shown  to  keep  anxiety  at  bay  and  place  your  mind  in   a  more  relaxed  state  in  the  evening  hours

• Removing  technological  devices,  such  as  cell  phones,  during  sleep  times

• Listening  to  soothing  music,  such  as  ocean  sounds

• Blocking  noise  by  wearing  ear  plugs  (if  you  choose  to  not  listen  to  music)

• Reading

• Meditation,  and  incorporating  breathing  techniques  through  practices  like  as  yoga

Ultimately,  there  is  no  easy  solution  to  the  lack  of  sleep.  However,  the  alternative  can  be  detrimental.  Obesity  and   other  metabolic  health  issues  are  linked  to  lack  of  sleep,  as  is,  low  energy,  less  focus,  and  moodiness.  Additionally,   it  can  be  dangerous  to  perform  some  activities,  such  as  driving.  Efforts  to  make  even  the  smallest  changes,  like   putting  your  cell  phone  away  at  night,  are  positive  ways  to  get  back  on  track  to  a  restful  state  of  mind  and  a  sound   sleep  at  night.

Finally don’t forget to get adjusted by your Fremont Chiropractor at Discover Chiropractic.  Getting regular adjustments reduces stress and tension as well as improves the overall function of your nervous system.  Be Well!

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