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The Caffeine Connection

Biking through fieldDo  you  start  your  mornings  with  a  hot,  steamy  cup  of  caffeinated  coffee  or  tea?  Maybe  you’re  drinking  one  as  you   are  reading  this.  Approximately  83%  of  American  adults  consume  coffee  a  day.  Now,  it’s  hard  to  determine  if that   entire  percentage  is  solely  caffeinated  coffee,  but  even  if  it  isn’t  we  know  that  people  rely  on  caffeine  to  get  going.   After  all,  caffeine  stimulates  the  Central  Nervous  System.

Caffeine  is  found  in  many  foods  and  beverages.  It  can  be  natural  –  derived  from  plant  or  berries,  or  synthetic  –  or  made  in  a  laboratory.  Chocolate  is  naturally  caffeinated.  Other  edibles  where  caffeine  is  added  are  usually  in  the  form  of  candy  or  quick  energy  marketed  snacks,  such  as  jellybeans  and  gums.  Beverages  that  contain  caffeine   include:  energy  drinks,  coffee,  tea  and  sodas.  Some  people  prefer  to  pop  a  pill  to  get  their  caffeine  fix  even  faster.

There  are  many  benefits  to  consuming  caffeine  in  moderation,  which  is  considered  approximately  250  mg.  of   caffeine  a  day.  These  include  increasing  stamina  in  athletic  performance,  enhancing  memory,  detoxifying  the  colon and  liver,  and  staying  awake.  Exceeding  400  mg.  of  caffeine  a  day  (about  4  cups  of  coffee)  is  not  recommended  and   can  cause  unpleasant  side  affects  such  as  headaches,  stomachaches,  heart  palpitations,  sleep  disturbances, and   irritability/nervousness.  Of  course,  these  side  effects  vary  from  person  to  person.

All-­‐in-­‐all,  caffeine  is  quick,  legal,  and  great  way  to  keep  your  day  moving  along.    So  go  ahead-­‐  enjoy  your  cup  ‘o  joe   (or  2  or  3)  and  throw  in  a  side  of  chocolate  for  good  measure. If you have any questions about diet, nutrition, therapy, and of course Chiropractic, don’t hesitate to ask your Fremont Chiropractor at Discover Chiropractic!

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