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Technology Doesn't Have to be a Pain in the Back    

Technology  is  a  huge  part  of  how  we  live  because  it’s  used  constantly  -­‐  from  cell  phones  and  computers  to  the  cars   that  we  drive.  We  use  technology  in  so  many  devices  we  hardly  notice  its  impact.  Until  we  do.

Whether  we  care  to  admit  it  or  not,  technology  is  not  very  “body  friendly”.  Looking  at  a  computer  screen  for  long  periods  of  time  can  lead  to  more  frequent  headaches  and  body  aches.  Repetitive  injures  such  as  carpel  tunnel  are   also  on  the  rise  from  texting  into  hand-­‐held  cell  phones  and  tablets.  Additionally,  using  technological  devices  often   involves  sitting  for  long  periods  of  time  which  strains  your  lower  back  and  is  not  ideal  for  your  overall  health.

Repetitive  injures  such  as  carpel  tunnel  are   also  on  the  riseBut  the  biggest  issue  is  posture.  Hunching  over  a  keyboard  or  looking  down  to  read  on  cell  phones  and  iPads  can   cause  neck  and  back  strain  and  pain.  In  fact,  it’s  so  common  to  see  these  postures  that  techies  coined  pseudonyms   to  describe  them,  like  the  “Cocoon”,  “Trance”  and  “Swipe”.

In  truth,  recent  studies  are  revealing  that  poor  posture  goes  beyond  physical  ailments  -­‐  potentially  leading  to   mood  disorders  and  depression.  And  the  evolution  of  technology  doesn’t  appear  to  be  helping.

So  how  can  you  combat  some  of  the  negative  effects  of  technology  on  your  body?

  • Put  your  technological  device  down
  • Take  short,  frequent  walks  or  stretch
  • Go  outside  and  visit  with  nature
  • Make  sure  your  workspace  is  ergonomic  and  comfortable
  • Make  conscientious  attempts  to  sit  straight  with  your  shoulders  back
  • Get your regular Wellness Chiropractic Adjustments from your Fremont Chiropractor at Discover Chiropractic

With  a  few Habit adjustments,  and Chiropractic adjustments, it  is  possible  to  enjoy  all  the  benefits  of  technology  without  compromising  your  health.


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