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Should I Use Heat or Ice?

Now this isn’t an easy question that can be put in a box and wrapped up. It depends on what injury or condition we are discussing. There are many situations that ice would be the best remedy and there are others that heat reigns supreme.


heatIce constricts blood vessels, causing the numbing sensation; this will in time relieve inflammation and limit bruising. Ice is best for new injuries occurring within 72 hours.


Chronic inflammatory arthritis (Gout)

Acute strains or pulled muscles

Acute tendinitis


Heat is great for arthritis and chronic injuries. Moist heat is best, but heat helps increase blood flow and circulation, allowing the natural healing pathways to occur faster. Heat will also relax tight muscles and relieve aching joints.


Worn away joints or arthritis


Pulled muscles and sprains after inflammation resolves

Tendinitis after inflammation resolves

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