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My Discovering Chiropractic Experience

My Discovering Chiropractic Experience

I have to admit I never put much stock in Chiropractic Care. When we first met Dr. Fisher and he saw how ill my son was, he told me that removing any nerve interference would help my son’s body to work better even possibly normal. I did not believe Dr. Fisher. Instead, I took my four year old son to medical doctors for treatment of asthma.
My son is normally very high energy yet the asthma medication made him hyperactive. As his asthma condition worsened, he was given a medication that caused hallucinations, insomnia and extreme nightmares. Every 2 weeks for several months, we had to rush my son to the Emergency Room because he had difficulty breathing and had come near death several times.

We cooperated with the medical doctors, giving my son every new medication and inhalers along with taking breathing classes. Every day he seemed to be getting weaker and steroids would only give him very little relief which was short lived. One of the medical specialists told me that my son probably would not be able to live through the next winter season. None of the medical doctors could find out what was causing his asthma but probably smog was a factor. Their only solution was to put him on long term steroids for the rest of his life which also causes long term side effects.

Finally, I was ready to listen and allow Dr. Fisher to treat my son with chiropractic care.
Every night we used a breathing meter to measure my son’s breathing ability which had been steadily declining over the past few months prior to seeing Dr. Fisher.

After the 1st adjustment, we measured my son’s breathing ability that night and his measurement was normal for the first time ever. Dr. Fisher continued to adjust him frequently over several weeks which helped to remove the nerve interference called a Subluxation that was causing my son’s asthma. He now is able to run, jump and play like all the other boys that are his age.

He is completely off all medications and now we have a normal healthy boy. The medical doctors felt he would need to be on medications for the rest of his life. I am certain God sent us to Dr. Fisher. Now my son is blessed with going to the chiropractor for the rest of his life which he enjoys and loves getting adjusted. Without Chiropractic Care and Dr. Fisher, I would have lost my dear, precious son. I can’t say enough about what chiropractic care can do for my son’s asthma. If you or any member of your family has any health problems, I highly recommend you go see Dr. Fisher at Discover Chiropractic.

Lisa & Jon N.

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