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My Discovering Chiropractic Experience


My Discovering Chiropractic Experience

I was having severe low back pain for several weeks. The pain was so severe that I was unable to walk more than a few steps at a time and unable to go to work. I was also experiencing pain radiating down my legs to my feet.

I had gone to see my primary care doctor several times who prescribed pain pills and muscle relaxers. These drugs did not help at all. After these several weeks, I was tired of the pain with no relief in sight. I called my best friend who recommended I go see her chiropractor who just happen to be Dr. Fisher at Discover Chiropractic.

After a complete examination and x-rays, Dr. Fisher very thoroughly explained the cause of my painful condition and how chiropractic care in his office could help correct it. I have been figure skating competitively for several years yet had to stop because of my pain. Dr. Fisher was very supportive of my skating and gave me confidence that I would be able to skate competitively again.

Now after receiving chiropractic care with Dr. Fisher, my back is better than ever and

I am doing all my normal activities including skating again with NO PAIN!

In the beginning of treatment, I was very skeptical of starting chiropractic care. Now, I’m just sorry it took me so long, suffering in pain to see Dr. Fisher at Discover Chiropractic. Dr. Fisher’s care not only helped with my back pain but also got rid of all my headaches so now I feel great. If you want to feel great too call Dr. Fisher NOW!


Debbie H.

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