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My Discovering Chiropractic Experience

My Discovering Chiropractic Experience

My name is Skip, I had gotten several new reading glasses over the past year yet I had to keep going back to my eye doctor to get my glasses adjusted because I could not see properly. I eventually began to get diplopia (double vision) which for some reason started to effect my hearing. I also developed severe neck pain from my hobbies of sewing, painting and quilting which hurt everyday almost all day long. Previously, I had both my hip joints replaced with several hip surgeries then afterward my entire back and spine seem to bother me.

After going from doctor to doctor, orthopedists to eye specialists, trying traction, taking pills for my pain, pills for my nerves, changing reading glasses several times, nothing seem to help me. I was told by several friends that I should see a chiropractor. My husband’s good friend suggested that I see Dr. Fisher at Discover Chiropractic because his entire family goes to him with great results. On the first visit, Dr. Fisher listened to all my problems, did a complete exam and x-rays, then stated he needed to look at results to see if he could help me. When we returned for our second visit, Dr. Fisher explained everything so we could understand what was going on inside my body and how chiropractic could help me with all of my health problems. I followed Dr. Fisher’s treatment plan which consisted of adjusting my neck and back along with doing some daily exercises and changing my postures at home. Chiropractic Care helped my body and nerves to work correctly again so that I could see and hear normally yet best of all
I could walk better without any pain even after all the hip surgeries that I have had.

Dr. Fisher with his gentle chiropractic care has helped me so much with all of my health problems. My life has improved so that I don’t hurt anymore, I don’t get tired as fast, I don’t worry about not being able to see or hear because I can see, hear and walk better now and I FEEL SO GOOD! My friends knew the trouble I was having but now they see me healthy and ask “Where did you go to get help and relief ?” I just tell them to go see the up-to-date chiropractor, Dr. Fisher, who keeps my spine in line so I feel fine!

I hope sharing my experience with Chiropractic Care will help you get the care you need for your health problems here at Discover Chiropractic with Dr. Fisher.

Thanks so much,

Skip S.



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