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Getting to the Core

When  I  think  of  a  core,  I  think  of  the  center  of  an  apple.  Our  “core”  is  similar.  It  consists  of  a  group  of  complex   muscles  in  our  midsection  that  includes  the  entire  abdominal  and  pelvic  region.  Our  core  is  incorporated  in  almost   every  motion  and  aides  in  balance  and  stability.  For  example,  just  picking  an  object  up  from  the  ground  requires   the  use  of  our  core.

Since  our  core  muscles  keep  our  skeleton  upright  and  protect  it  and  other  vital  organs  from  potential  injury,  a   strong  core  is  essential  –  and  you  don’t  have  to  be  an  athlete  or  a  body  builder  to  want  to  improve  it.

So,  how  do  we  go  about  strengthening  our  core?  The  good  news  is  that  it  doesn’t  require  much  time,  effort,  or   equipment.  To  get  to  the  “core”  of  your  core,  try  the  following  exercises:

• “Bracing”  isolates  and  contracts  your  abdominal  muscles.  To  brace,  lay  flat  on  a  mat  and  tighten  your   navel  in  towards  your  spine.  Hold  the  position  for  a  slow  1,  2,  3,  4,  5  count  before  releasing.  Be  sure  not  to   hold  your  breath.

• “Planking”  engages  all  of  the  muscles  in  your  body  while  focusing  on  your  core  and  offers  many   progressions  as  your  strength  improves.  To  plank,  place  your  forearms  and  toes  (or  knees)  on  the  ground.   Tighten  all  of  your  muscles  in  your  core  wh she  floor,  relax  your  head,  and   breathe.  Hold  this  position  in  increments  of  20  seconds  and  work  your  way  up  to  a  minute.

Core  strength  is  vital  to  how  well  we  move,  so  regardless  of  athletic  goals,  it  is  necessary  to  maintain  it  for  our   physical  well  being.

Having a strong core will reduce your chances of suffering from lower back pain.  If you are suffering, contact your Fremont Chiropractor at Discover Chiropractic for help.


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