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Meet Dr. Hans Freericks

Dr. Hans Freericks Fremont Chiropractor

Dr. Hans Freericks

Trying to Live with Pain

‘I grew up on the outskirts of Fremont after moving from Utrecht, Holland at six years of age. When I was just out of high school and in college, I planned on studying to become an orthopedic/sports doctor.

I love seeing the miracles that happen in our office!Dr. Hans Freericks

I was playing lots of basketball and working for UPS and I hurt my back. It hurt like crazy. I hurt so bad, I got shooting pain in my legs and I couldn’t stand, sit or walk.”

Surgery Never Helped

Dr. Hans went to the doctor, who told him he had herniated discs. “The doctors offered pain pills and shots but none of it worked. I was at my ropes end. The doctors then said I may need surgery.” Dr. Hans had experienced enough sports injuries in life that after his multiple ankle and knee surgeries, he didn’t want to be operated on again.

“Medical interventions never fixed my problems. My ankles, knees and shoulder still hurt everyday despite my past surgeries.” Dr. Hans told his doctor it wasn’t an option. He went home thinking he would have to figure out a way to live with the pain.

Finding the Chiropractic Solution

“A friend convinced me to see his chiropractor. After examining me and taking some x-rays he told me I had a pinched nerve. He started giving me adjustments, I got relief, and I could walk again.”

Chiropractic made an amazing difference in Dr. Hans’ life. He had a great chiropractor and it worked so well for him that he became a chiropractor himself.

Learning to Help Others

First, Dr. Hans attended San Jose State University for four years earning his science prerequisites to be accepted into a chiropractic university. He then continued his education at Palmer College of Chiropractic West for another four years, graduating in 1995. There, Dr. Hans learned how to be a chiropractor. His education included learning how to diagnose conditions properly, and assess whether someone is a good candidate and can be helped with chiropractic care.

Outside of the Office

Dr. Hans has two teenage daughters who are highly involved in their communities and sports. He loves being a part of their lives and attends their soccer and basketball games, swim meets and helps to coach their events. He enjoys being with his family and spending time outdoors.


“I understand how challenging it is to feel like you will never feel well again. I am confident our chiropractic care will address your concerns. Contact us today, get your life back!” (510) 797-4796

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